Secretary General Message!


The world see today is truly a global village which is filled with strife and chaos and there is no better time to teach the importance of diplomacy and peace, two values that the United Nations has always stood for. In furtherance of the same HNLU IMUNC since its inception has ensured that a platform has been provided to deliberate upon a perspective in its truest essence to make a difference by proposing and suggesting effective and realistic solutions concerning real and
pertinent issues.

After a resounding success of its Second edition, which garnered recognition on both national and international platforms, the Secretariat has taken up the challenge of breaking its own record and achieving a greater feat. Our conference has gone through several changes, with many new members becoming a part of the Secretariat. However, some things have always been common between the students, who have dedicated much of their time to make such an event possible: an undying enthusiasm for the values that HNLU IMUNC represents, as well as an incomparable work-ethic, combined with the urge to forever improve and evolve. In this year’s edition we will be simulating Five Committees namely The United Nations General Assembly-SPECPOL, The Security Council, The United Nations Human Rights Council, The United Nations Commission on Status of Women, Lok Sabha along with the International Press corps.

As the SSecretaryGeneralof this year’s conference, it is indeed my pleasure to welcome you all to the HNLU IMUNC, 2019. Our team has demonstrated its commitment to hard work, excellence, innovation and professionalism to ensure that all the delegates have an enthralling three-day Conference in this beautiful city of Raipur, which has its own appeal, owing to the mesmerizing architecture, hospitable people and unique cuisine, the delegates will reap nothing but a sharper acumen and countless memories.
On behalf of the IMUNC Secretariat, Committee Officials and Staff, we welcome all everyone to be the part of HNLU IMUNC 2019 from the 15th to 17th of February, 2019 at HNLU for a memorable experience of networking, exploring international politics, critical thinking and engaging in diplomatic dialogue.

Shivam Singhal

Secretary General, HNLU IMUNC, 2019